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25 Ways To Make Your Wedding, Distinctly... You!

Your wedding day… the best day of your life!  In helping couples plan their wedding day, I’ve found that while there are always common themes, each couple wants to celebrate their love in their way.  The best advice I can offer is to make your wedding day, distinctly you!  Below, I’ve scripted some ideas for the couple that wants something a tad bit different, to reflect their style.  After all, this is your wedding day, so let’s have fun with it!  Please feel free to contact me and submit your own ideas.  I’d love to offer other couples some of your tried & true thoughts!

25 Ways To Make Your Wedding Distinctly You!

#1 – Where To Put Those Envelopes? – A nifty idea is to take an old or new (but vintage) mailbox and add your style to it!

#2 – Has#tag It! – Create a unique hashtag to use via social media.

#3 – Scavenger Hunt – During your cocktail hour have your guests participate in an expedition.

#4 – Personalize Your Bouquet – Carry along a memory of a loved one whose memory you’d like to include in your day.

#5 – Place Settings – Use paper table cloths and write each guest’s name directly at their assigned seat.

#6 – Did Someone Say “Bar” – Dessert bar, martini bar, espresso bar… you name it… people love bars!

#7 – Guest Book – Purchase a Polaroid camera & have your guests snap a selfie to include along with their well wishes, in your guestbook. Don't forget the sharpies!

#8 – It’s In The Name – Instead of table #’s, use names. Use the name of the city where you met, the name of where you work (for the co-workers table), your favorite sports teams, etc.

#9 – Sock-Hop – Provide a basket of socks for those hard core dancers. They can get out of those shoes and keep the dance floor packed!

#10 – Late Night Snacks – Prior to your final dance, have pizzas or sliders delivered/prepared for a quick bon voyage snack.

#11 – Cake Topper – Use your initials for a simple, yet elegant finishing touch.

#12 – Tribute Photos – Find wedding photos of your grandparents and great-grandparents to include as decor for the welcome table.

#13 – Yard Games – Croquet, Cornhole, Badminton, Bocce & Horseshoes are each a great addition to your cocktail hour. Ask us how... we offer GIANT games!

#14 –Aisle Style – Personalize your aisle runner. Make it yours!

#15 – Mobile Meal – Hire a food truck for appetizers, a late night snack or dessert.

#16 – Gaming Suite – Set up a separate room with board games, books, music and/or video games for the younger guests.

#17 – For Your Outdoor Wedding – Arrange additional seating, throughout the grounds to allow your guests to take in the views, get some fresh air or enjoy a bonfire. 

#18 – No Assigned Tables – Make it simple… have just ONE table!

#19 – Fun Facts – Display fun facts about your relationship throughout the ceremony & reception.

#20 – Repeat History – Find a photo from your parent’s wedding and recreate it.

#21 – Flower Girl & Ring Bearer – Is there an age limit? Ask a more senior family member to line your aisle with flower petals and/or present the rings.

#22 – The Ultimate Keepsake – Have an artist (even an amateur) paint or sketch your ceremony as it happens.

#23 – Celebrity Bartender – Hire a bartender who does more than pour drinks. Find someone who makes an art out of their presentation and actually brings an entertaining value/angle to your bar.

#24 – Trivia – Have your DJ or M.C. ask trivia questions with the winners taking home a prize… perhaps the table centerpiece.

#25 – Love Notes – Right after your ceremony, write a note about how you feel in that exact moment and share it with your spouse on your anniversary.

In addition to the ideas above, here are a few “honorable mentions.”

Bonus Extras!

Floating Votives, Accept Music Requests Via Your RSVP Card, Cocktail Popsicles, Cigar Bar, S’mores Station, Limbo Contest, Anniversary Dance, Phone Charging Station, Karaoke, The "Shoely Wed" Game, Word Search Bar Napkins, Personalized Drink Labels, Signature Cocktail(s), Snow Cone Station, Brunch Reception, Choreographed Music Video

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